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From 17 February to 9 March 2014, Vivid Creations managed Osaka’s Food Product Event at Bar Stories.

Vivid handled the below criteria:

– Project conceptualization
– Venue Proposal & Arrangement
– Visual design for event logo and booklet
– Event coordination
– Event management
– Translator Arrangement
– PR & Advertisement


– 企画立案
– 会場提案 & アレンジ
– イベントロゴのデザイン、小冊子のデザイン印刷
– イベント準備、コーディネーション
– 当日運営/イベント進行マネジメント
– 翻訳業務
– スタッフ・通訳者手配
– 広告宣伝・プロモーション



[ Products Information ]

Dashi & Umami


A Japanese twist on Bloody Mary, the drink features shiro miso (traditional Japanese seasoning) and dashi (a type of cooking stock) “cooked” with tequila, giving this cocktail a distinct savoury taste.


New Sencha Old Fashioned


Japanese whiskey infused with gold-flecked sencha (a Japanese green tea), complete with a rind of orange that adds a vibrant zest to the masculine drink.



Rising Sun


The acidity of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries joins in a merry unison with the tartness of Kyoto umeshu (a Japanese plum wine). A gorgeous drink for the ladies.
Shiso Mojito


Inspired by an onigiri rice ball flavoured with shiso (an Asian culinary herb) and plum salts, the creator concocted a refreshing drink marrying Tsukigase umeshu with lime and rum. Generously garnished with shiso leaves.


The Zen of Tea


Made from Japanese green tea liqueur, matcha (fine powder green tea) and vanilla, this decadent dessert drink glides smoothly down your throat. A delight for those with a weakness for sweets.



The drink lives up to its name as the characteristic flavour of yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) – tart and acidic, with close resemblance to grapefruit and overtones of mandarin orange, is further elevated with the addition of gin.


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