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本展示会「Artisan – Beyond Craft」は、シンガポールデザインウィーク(SDW2017)の公式パートナーイベントとして、デザイン及びクリエイティブ産業に興味・関心のある一般の方々を対象に、日本工芸を輸出する会社「HULS」と共催しました。

シンガポールのデザイン・クリエイティブ関係者を招待し、総勢90名ほどが参加したレセプションパーティーを運営。また、シンガポール中のデザイン情報が集まる「National Design Centre」にて、日本文化とシンガポール文化のコラボレーションから誕生したプラナカン柄テキスタイル「Brilliance of Heritage」のコンセプトや制作工程について、トークイベントも開催しました。


“Artisan – Beyond Craft” is an exhibition that offers a comprehensive view of the Japanese craft industry. Born of “KOGEI STANDARD”, a website created by HULS, this exhibition will showcase craft items and photographs curated from the website. The main feature of our very first exhibition held in Singapore will be the collaboration between Singapore designers and Japanese craft manufacturers.

Visitors will be able to handle the products on display to better understand and appreciate the design and crafts elements. “Artisan – Beyond Craft” aims to serve as a case study of the Japanese craft industry for Singapore. Together with the collaboration showcase, this exhibition shows the possibilities of how Singapore designers and businesses are able to work with Japanese manufacturers and also be a catalyst for future collaboration between the two countries.

We are in charge of planning, designing, PR and operation for the entire project including reception party and the events.

Artisan_BC_01_Main - Maho Saito

Artisan_BC_16 - Maho Saito

Artisan_Party_01 - Maho Saito

Artisan_Talk01 - Maho Saito

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– 各種イベントの企画、制作、運営 / Event planning, production, and operation
– 集客サポート / Promotion support
– PR施策立案 / PR Strategic Planning
– プレスリリースの作成・配信 / Press Release publishing
– メディアフォロー / Media Follow up
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