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SCRAP Inc., the biggest Real Escape Game company, has released TOKYO METRO THE UNDERGROUND MYSTERIES 2017 by collaborating with Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. A fascinating journey that will show participants the sides of Tokyo they have not yet seen while solving puzzles.

We are in charge of creating contents of English version, PR towards non-Japanese medias, SNS marketing planning and operation, and social influencer marketing planning and operation.

chikanazo2017KEY - Maho Saito

サポート内容 Our support lineups
– PR施策立案 / PR Strategic Planning
– プレスリリースの作成・配信 / Press Release publishing
– メディアフォロー / Media Follow up
– プレス向けイベント(記者会見)/ Press conference
– コピーライティング・翻訳 / Copy writing & translation
– コンテンツ企画開発 / Contents Development
– 広告宣伝業務運用代行 / Public Relations
– ソーシャルメディア運用 / SNS management and operation
– コンサルティング(施策・戦略立案) / Consulting

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