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OSAKA Premium Showcase

From 15th – 21st February 2013, Vivid Creations managed Osaka’s Manufacturer’s Product Promotion Event @ Isetan Scotts.

※こちらのイベントは終了いたしました/This event has ended.

Vivid handled the below criteria:
– Venue Proposal & Arrangement
– Panel & Decoration Design and fabrication
– Event coordination
– Event management
– Man Power Arrangement
– Translator Arrangement
– Logistic
– Display Arrangement
– Advertisement


– 会場提案 & アレンジ
– 展示物のデザイン制作
– イベント準備、コーディネーション
– 当日運営/イベント進行マネジメント
– 翻訳業務
– スタッフ・通訳者手配
– 広告宣伝・プロモーション
– ロジスティック
– ディスプレイのアレンジメント


From Feb 15th to 21st, “Osaka Premium Showcase” will be held at ISETAN Scotts, 4F Household Department! A generous variety of stylish Japanese consumer products from Osaka will be on sale for ONLY 7 days. Don’t miss it!!!

2月15日から21日、シンガポール伊勢丹の4回特設スペースにて、大阪発のクリエイティブで和風なデザインの商品が集まる「Osaka Premium Showcase」が開催されます。日本の伝統やクリエイティビティーを感じさせるデザインと現代のコモディティーが融合する、他では手に入らない商品が目白押しです。ぜひお立ち寄りください!

[ Products Information ]

– Miyakotsutsumi 京包美
New type of iPhone case made of paper. You can easily change the look of your iPhone with various scenes using this fashionable iPhone case, which is made of Japanese paper with many unique designs at a reasonable price.

– Goldendance REAL/AQUA
Reduce the burden on your eardrum, with better sound delivered through “Sound Reflection Speakers”! Reflected sound with its deep bass will leave you feeling like you are in a live performance. You can choose to use the earphones purely for listening to music and even plug it into your mobile phones as well.

– S&F New solid slide hanger
Hang and wear your clothes in any way you’d like with this hanger! Shoulder breadth is adjustable (420mm-510mm) to prevent deformation of clothes. You can hang up your entire coordination of clothes for the next day on this revolutionary new hanger from Japan!

– Intellectual Toy [SASTON]
“SASTON” is a wooden puzzle toy and interior decoration which stimulates the children’s minds. It is a fancy cute toy created by a company which manages not only marketing but design. You can enjoy playing it with your kids as blocks and puzzles, and it is suitable as a home decoration item as well.

– Kamipita Hair Accessory
If you are using bobby pins or hair ties quite often, here is what you should try: the “Kamipita” is the ideal solutions for holding up your fringes and change the way your hair looks with only “One Touch”, and won’t mess up your hairstyle like a hairclip would.

A variety of other quality goods is available, come by to take a look!

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