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design&product Sakura Fair 2013

【SAKURAYA SakuraFair】

On 2nd-14th April 2013, Vivid Creations managed a Japanese food promotion event which was organized by Fish Mart Sakuraya.


Fish Mart Sakuraya主催のもと、造作物や装飾デザインを担当させていただきました。

      ◆Design & Production for props and booths
◆Event Management (Making Staff manual and arranging event staff)

  • 製作物・ブース装飾のデザイン及び製作
  • 運営サポート(スタッフマニュアルの作成、運営スタッフの手配)
Test marketing and good testing were conducted at each booth.
The visitors enjoyed the stage performances and photo taking booth at event during the weekend.