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※This event has ended. このイベントは終了いたしました。

Shinoharu-san performs Rakugo in English often in Singapore, but it is one of the first few times he will be doing an English performance in Japan! The performance will be on 30th September, 2015. Join us if you are in town and want to experience a unique blend of Japanese traditional arts and the English language!

毎年開催しているシンガポール公演で大人気の立川志の春さんの「志の春RAKUGO in English」、いよいよ来たる9月30日、渋谷光塾にて英語落語の公演決定! 日本で英語落語を生で聞けるこの貴重なチャンスを是非お見逃しなく!!

Rakugo is a Japanese traditional style of comedy and story telling, and is one of Japan’s fine arts since the Edo Period.

“English Rakugo by Shinoharu Tatekawa” is a performance coordinated while considering a non-Japanese speaking audience, for non-Japanese to learn more about what Rakugo is. You will be able to experience a Rakugo performance even if you are still learning Japanese and are not yet fluent in the language!

Many Rakugo performances are conducted only in Japanese, and as a traditional art, it can be difficult for even the Japanese to appreciate.
Our aim is to first introduce the concept of Rakugo to non-Japanese, and help them understand it better. If they enjoy his English Rakugo, they can next challenge his Japanese Rakugo! Shinoharu does Japanese Rakugo performances regularly in Tokyo as well.

30 September 2015

Door Open: 7PM
Start: 7:30PM

Hikari Juku in Shibuya (B1 of 光和ビル)
光塾 (光和ビル地下1階)

Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya, 3-Chome 27-15, 光和ビル B1, JAPAN 150-0002 〒150-0002 渋谷区渋谷3-27-15 光和ビルB1

Standard: 2,000 yen
Student*: 1,500 yen
*Students include University Students, Exchange Students, and Language School Students.

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