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ENGLISH RAKUGO 2016 by Shinoharu



※This event has ended. このイベントは終了いたしました。

Rakugo is a Japanese traditional style of comedy and story telling, and is one of Japan’s fine arts since the Edo Period.
“ENGLISH RAKUGO 2016 by Shinoharu” is a performance that welcomes non-Japanese and Japanese people alike! Come (re)discover this rich traditional art form!

Non-Japanese speakers will be able to experience Rakugo firsthand for the first time, and discover the world of this age-old art form! Furthermore, as Shinoharu’s English Rakugo will put a new, unique spin on the traditional Rakugo performance, even those who have experienced Rakugo would find themselves rediscovering new sides to this Edo-era performance art. It is also a great place for Japanese speakers to hone their English language skills at the same time!

Following his first public English Rakugo performance in Japan (Sept 2015), this upcoming performance will be Shinoharu’s largest English Rakugo performance in Japan yet, welcoming over 200 guests of diverse backgrounds.

好評だった『立川志の春 英語らくご』の日本公演が再び!!
今年9月に初の日本公演を行った『立川志の春 英語らくご』ですが、好評につき来春1月に第2回目の公演が決定いたしました!

21 January 2016 (Thu)

Door Open: 7PM
Start: 7:30PM

Fukagawa Edo Museum (Small Theatre)

1-3-28 Shirakawa, Koto, Tokyo 135-0021
〒135-0021 東京都江東区白河1-3-28

Standard Early Bird: 2,300 yen (Available till 20 December only)
Student Early Bird*: 1,500 yen (Available till 20 December only)
Standard: 2,500 yen
Student*: 1,800 yen
School Bulk Sales also available at 1,500 yen/head, minimum 20pax (negotiable). Send us an inquiry at rakugo@vivid-creations.biz to check on how to purchase bulk tickets for your group!
*Students include University Students, Exchange Students, and Language School Students. Please remember to bring your student ID or proof of affiliation on the day.

■ For inquires, do not hesitate to contact us.
Office: 03-6146-5563
E-mail: rakugo@vivid-creations.biz